A Glimpse into China

To state the obvious, China is a very large country with so much to see that a person could spend a whole lifetime exploring this vast land, engulfed in it's cultural diversity and deep rooted history. My ten days, seemed hardly enough. Still combined with my Mongolian cycle adventure, time and other commitments didn't allow me the luxury of a longer visit, at least this time around....

Therefore armed with my trusty camera and some travel advice I spent sixty hours on trains, between Beijing and Guilin, and had just less then a week in the wonderful tourist mecca that is the town of Yangshuo by the Li River. I also ended up being in Beijing on three different occasions, getting to like this city more with each visit.

China with it's people has to be seen to be experienced and appreciated. It is also most definitely worth the visit. Now that I have a better idea of how to go about traveling there, I plan on coming back with more specific provinces and areas in mind, while staying for at least a month.

The following are some of my selected images:

Photo credits: Christopher Meder.

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Great image captures.


very nice images.


Thank you, Chris. These are very good "drugs" of homesickness for oversea chinese.


These are all really beautiful images.


nice images, but why all the names are same like Mountain Landscape?? Could have more precise of the subject, just an suggestion.


Yes, China is a large country, I am a chinese but unfortunately I have no chance to visit Guiling where is one of the most beautiful landscape in China.

There was a song in China, mainly lyric said, when I was young I want go to Guiling, I have time but no money, now I still want go to Guiling, I have money but no time.


A group of very beautiful images.

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