Global Warming

April 22 is Earth Day. The tipping point has been reached. Politicians and corporations have joined the rest of us in sharing concern for what human activity is doing to the earth. As a consequence there is an increasing demand for images that illustrate these major issues.
Global Warming In Antarctica
Stop Global Warming
Everyone from the UN Committee on Climate Change to an academy award winning former US Vice President have played a part in shifting public opinion to the side of the environmentalists. Droughts in parts of the world and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina have also heightened public awareness.
Corn and drought 2
My neighbors home in New Orleans
Research reports released in the past month leave no doubt that industrialized society is putting the earth under great stress. The effects of climate change on weather, possible impact on biodiversity and the threat of rising ocean levels are not mere political or social issues anymore. They speak to the very quality of life for future generations.
Crowded Planet
Portrait in gas mask
The main concerns on the first Earth Day in 1970 were overpopulation and air pollution as it impacted human respiratory health. Now we know that trapped greenhouse gases are raising the temperature on earth. Even a few degrees have a long lasting effect on the magnitude of hurricanes and tornados, rising oceans, melting glaciers, drought, and species elimination.
The good news is that finally the industries that are the most responsible for the creation of CO2 in the atmosphere are learning that the public will pay to be green. The hybrid car is much in demand, bio-diesel fuel is gaining popularity and alternative energy is becoming mainstream.
Marketers and businesses have discovered that their customers respond positively to funds that invest in environmentally sound companies; housing that emphasizes sustainable architecture: cars that run on corn. The image above of the hand is very useful because of the subtle clues that it is a businessperson holding the fate of the earth in his hand.
Wind energy
Greenhouse effect
Rising oceans aren't visible (at least presently), a sign for bio-diesel isn't exciting and it's impossible to photograph trapped green house gases. These are conceptual images for those with top Photoshop skills. But if that isn't your thing, there are solar and other alternative energy sources in most communities that you can photograph.
Solar energy panels
Doomsday images aren't what advertisers and designers always want. As a consequence, the visualization of an idealized earth is important and much easier to photograph (for now!).
Green globe tree
Background of sky and grass
Many of the messages urging responsibility in environmental matters are set against natural backgrounds or close-up shots of healthy plants and animals.
Green leaf details
Green sprout
Big business isn't the only one on the green bandwagon: don't neglect images used on the community level for recycling and commuter programs.
Recycle the Earth collage
World Gasoline Meter
Green business, green weddings, green cars�but the green that is really and finally driving the movement is money. Just in the last week, pledges of millions of dollars in prize money to fund research into ways to stop global warming have been made by more than one organization. One plan on the drawing board is to recapture green house gases already in the atmosphere. But then what will they do with them?
Popular concepts to illustrate:
Green businesses
Growth in nature
Clean air
Pollution of all kinds
Solar power
Wind energy
Innovation in using sustainable hard goods (new food market in my neighborhood is using cutlery made from corn starch)
Carbon footprint
Commuting by bicycle
Bumper to bumper traffic
Global warming
Earth day activities
Children on nature hikes or studying nature
Endangered species
Melting glaciers
Elimination of sensitive species of plants and animals
Recapture of green house gases
Here are some links to information to further stimulate your imagination:
Double check the winning images in the September assignment "Heal the Earth" for inspiration

Photo credits: Andres Rodriguez, Aninka, Mark Aplet, Galina Barskaya, Bjorn Hotting, Briannolan, Chase Leland, Erik Reis, Jan Martin Will, Tatiana Morozova, R. Gino Santa Maria / Shutterfree, Llc, James Steidl, Jurgen Ziewe, Maxfx, Mike_kiev, Roman Milert, Liudmila Gridina, Brian Grant, Trutta.

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August 29, 2007


Just in from James Balog if you missed it on the message posted to "Mystery in the Trees" A great example of using photography in the quest to save the planet.

August 29, 2007


Just in from James Balog if you missed it on the message posted to "Mystery in the Trees"

April 12, 2007


Dear friends and colleagues,
I’m very sensitive to environmental problems, that is why in my portfolio there are already many pictures about climate change, drought and similar. Hoping that you also are worried about our future, and our children’s future as well, I suggest you to do something special for this issue. Maybe Dreamstime as organization and singular photographers, like me and you, can do something offering free pictures to make a presentation that can be linked in home page of DT. As a gift to anybody's consciousness.

This is my suggestion, what do you think? Who wants to collaborate?

In my imagination this presentation could be posted on Youtube and increase DT traffic and business

Someting like this: A Global Warning...

April 11, 2007


Trout, especially brook trout will find it harder to survive in the planet's warming waters and climate. This beautiful fish could disappear in its native form though fish from hatcheries can be stocked in many streams.

 Catch and Release 

Brook Trout Info

April 11, 2007


Excellent article, Ellen! As a nature photographer, driver of two hybrid vehicles and a closet tree-hugger, this is one I can sink my teeth into!

April 11, 2007


New article posted: Global Warming

Thanx for using my image :-)

April 11, 2007


It will be very usefull if U tell us this kind of news one or two month earlier because if I upload some images with this subject now, the images will be online long before the potencial buyer loking for them.
Thanks for the information an the tips anyway.
Yes you are correct. We need to get this information to you earlier for both the contributors and the designers. I plan on getting a six month calendar together very soon to avoid this problem. Thanks for reminding me how important that it is. But one thing about this topic: it will be in the news everyday for years to come I fear.

April 11, 2007


Thank you Ellen. It's only us together that can effect the change, either for better or worse.

April 11, 2007


It will be very usefull if U tell us this kind of news one or two month earlier because if I upload some images with this subject now, the images will be online long before the potencial buyer loking for them.
Thanks for the information an the tips anyway.

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