Global warming?

Russia is known to be snowy country (not south regions of it, of course). This time there always used to be a lot of snow where I live. But now...

We had a snowy week (when I made these photos), but then all this snowy magic melted into dirt. Days are passing, and weather is not going to be winter-like anymore.

I wonder if it is global warming all ecologists speak about?

Do you have snow in your living place?

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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December 09, 2008


In my city (Brasov, Romania) the first snow of the year was in 22 november. Now (for two days) is the second snow, outside.

December 09, 2008


Climate warming, the South China a few snow

December 08, 2008


We've had a very mild November in Calgary, but yesterday it just dumped snow on us. The wet, heavy kind perfect for getting some real excercise while shovelling :) It was great, though. Our community center had a Christmas party complete with a horse drawn carriage over the snow - the kids loved it!

December 07, 2008


I've had a little snow already. If it's not enough to play in and photograph, I just drive about 40 minutes and have plenty!! It's fun. I forgot my snow shoes last week, though and my feet were very cold! I'm still a child at heart.............

December 07, 2008


Don't get any snow in sunny Florida. Don't miss living in it, but I sure do miss opportunities for pictures like these. I LOVE the Rowan Tree Under Snow.

December 06, 2008


Yes, that's another strange thing: snow falls heavily in places where it used to be rare before. Looks like everything goes wrong in this world

December 06, 2008


Yes, I live in the windy city and we have at least 5 inches on the ground as I type. That's not normal for us here. We get our first snow fall later in December around Christmas, if we are lucky. Don't have globe warming here.

December 06, 2008


Here had to be snowy and cold, too. But it isn't. Yesterday was almost 30 degrees. Instead of winter we'll have a summer!

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