Global Warming is a serious problem .

What is the part played by you to avoid this?

What are the remedies to be taken to avoid this?

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May 26, 2010


Maybe the present situation of the mercury shooting up all over India is an alarm bell.

July 08, 2008


Global warning is a good moniker. I think we are a big part of the problem. Timing is everything and many factors are contributing to the Earths changes. The Earth doesn't care it has done it all before. She will continue on as she always have.

Hopefully we can throw more peanuts at the freight train coming down on us. Wow that sounded like doom didn't it!?

July 07, 2008


"Global warming" should be called "Global warning". It's not the problem, it's a symptom. I'm not totally convinced we are the cause of that symptom.

8 million years from now, the Earth is gonna look back and laugh at this.

July 06, 2008


This is awful; scientific forecasts from all over the world are not encouraging at all…
Within just a few years the world we all used to know will be experiencing major changes, not good ones… Nature is furious at our irresponsible behavior and it will try to "clean" up our mess – by mostly – "cleaning us" from the face of the globe by using major nature disasters…
I know it sounds like a pessimist, but it's true… we must take responsibility and live a "cleaner" and not abusive live like we do now, for the sake of our children and their children….
Recycle: paper, glass, plastics!!!
Use less printed copied in the office – everything can be scanned and filed by computer.
Green energy is very hot these days! There are plenty solutions for an alternative green energy!!!!!!! – USE IT!
It might be good for your wallet as well (with the ridiculously high prices for oil)

July 05, 2008


Global warming? A serious problem?
Let me re-phrase that for you. The pompous arrogance used against the innocent and naïve to cause undue and unnescessary fear is a serious problem. Not global warmng.
A direct comparison can be made to the phrase "War on Drugs" Taken literally, it sounds rediculous. Battling against inanimate objects? It should be a war against the cause or indiviual need for drug use.
Global warming should not be misunderstood. it will cause havoc.

July 05, 2008


Global warming/Climate change isn't a problem. Our stupidity and willingness to believe the word of a few high profile politicians at face value is a problem.

The climate change bandwagon has made some people very rich and very powerful and it will be used and has been used to introduce ridiculous measures that make those same people more rich and more powerful. And yet we blindly follow like some sort of weird cult new wave religion.

Do you think Al Gore would be such a proponent of climate change if it wasn't for his financial interest in carbon offsetting?

Climate change is about politics not science. It is about power not empowerment.

And yes the climate is changing as it has done for billions of years since the birth of the solar system and this planet. So what! That is the dynamic nature of the planet and without that dynamic nature we would not be here to discuss this. We can't stop it, we can't change it, we are not responsible for it. We can adapt though.

We've been told the story of the bogeyman to intentionally scare us and scared people are easier to manipulate.

July 04, 2008


Hey Shane,

Do you know how many species (plants, animals and insects together) of this planet go extinct every day because of us, the so called "inteligent" dominant species?
You are right about the picture, I have one too like that in my portfolio that I used to portray pollution, but that's not the point.
However, if I were you I would not be so loud to say that global warming is a scam. You may regret that in a few years...

To answer the question in the blog, recycle, replaced incandescent bulbs, use re-usable shopping bags, drive a fuel efficient car, use e-bills instead of the normal paper ones, to start with...
A real solution would be population control, which goes hand in hand with education...
Pop...this was the sound of the can of worms that I have just opened.

July 04, 2008


Future shock: Heat wave temperatures to soar in decades

Washington: During the European heat wave of 2003 that killed tens of thousands, the temperature in parts of France hit 40°C. Nearly 15,000 people died in that country alone. During the Chicago heat wave of 1995, the mercury spiked above 41°C and about 600 people died.
In a few decades, people will look back at those heat waves “and we will laugh”, said Andreas Sterl, author of a new study. “We will find (those temperatures) lovely and cool.”
Sterl’s computer model shows by the end of the century, high temperatures for once-in-a-generation heat waves will rise twice as fast as everyday average temperatures. Chicago, for example, would reach 46°C in such an event by 2100. Paris could near 42.7°C with Lyon coming closer to 45.5°C .
Sterl is with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, projects temperatures for heat waves around the world. His numbers are blistering because of the drying-out effect of a warming world. Most global warming research focuses on average daily temperatures instead of these extremes, which cause greater damage.
His study projects a peak of 47°C for Los Angeles and 43°C for Atlanta by 2100; that’s 5 degrees higher than the current records for those cities. Kansas City faces the prospect of a 46.6°C heat wave, with its current alltime high at 43°C, according to the National Climactic Data Center.
A few cities, such as Phoenix, which once hit 50°C have already reached these extreme temperatures. But they would be hitting those numbers a little more often as the world heats up over time.
It could be worse. Delhi, India is expected to hit 49°C; Belem, Brazil, 49.4°C and Baghdad, 50°C .
These are temperatures that are dangerous, said University of Wisconsin environmental health professor Jonathan Patz. And by 2050, heat waves will be 3 to 5 degrees hotter than now “and probably be longerlasting,” Sterl said. By mid-century, southern France’s extreme heat waves should be around 44°C and then near 48°C by the end of the century, Sterl’s climate models predict.

July 04, 2008


Tridentsibiu - I agree 100%
As for the Nobel Prize - was there any doubt about it's value after Arafat got it? (And they never even regretted giving it to him)
I don't mean hard sciences, of course, only stuff like "Peace prize".

July 04, 2008


Obviously we have a problem with garbage, deforestation and urban polution, but I also think that all the global warming stuff is a hoax, with political arrangements. Also the Nobel Peace Prize has canceled the value of all Nobel Peace prizes, of course , not the value of them who have earned it.

July 03, 2008


What a crock! If this is an image of a US manufacturing plant then the stuff coming out of the 'smoke' stacks is steam or a scrubbed and cleaned output. Global warming is a scam. Wake up and realize that global temperatures have not risen in nearly a decade. Check the climate tracking web sites that have had to change their language from global 'warming' to global climate 'change' as there has been no evidence of a warming. The photo is really great. The Photoshop filters you used to warm the image look really good. But the photo is about as real as the global warming debate.

July 03, 2008


I know it's a little thing, but I recycle everything I can and have switched all light bulbs to new energy efficient bulbs.

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