Gluing a switch to my head

Gluing a switch to my head - "Canon mode" vs. "Nikon mode".

A few weeks ago I got the new addition to our happy cam family - a Nikon D90.

Between my hubby & myself, we had a bunch of Nikkor lenses lying around the house, miserable, abandoned which haven't been used since the film age ended in this household a few years ago. :) So, I decided to buy a Nikon D90, I've always liked Nikon's colors & saturation. The camera itself is very cute, though it's sometimes funny - I use the Nikon and later that day (or just before), I use the Canon 30D or my husband's 40D. The lenses screw onto the mount in the opposite direction, the lenses' focus direction is opposite, shutter speed and aperture buttons - opposite :)

Takes some time getting used to :))

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I love my D90. I don't have any Canons, though, so the buttons and switches all seem pretty normal to me.



Thank you both, I've only had it for a short while but it has been great so far, I love it already! oh, and the video in HD is truly awesome.


You will surely enjoy the D90 as im using it since two months now, superb quality, and try to shoot the video in HD quality, you will not believe the output. Wow great Camera.


Nice camera, congrats.

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