Gluttonous cats.

They are all my cats at home,very cute.

It may be the natural instincts of the cat to be gluttonous.

Whenever I get back to home, the cats at home will always surround me, look over my things carefully ...:)Because they wonder whether I bring back the good food for them.

Uploads a group of my family the gluttonous cats and the cat good food.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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Thank you for your reply!
Now,There are eight cats in the family,they like eating cat's tin very much,I had to buy various cat's tin for them per month.


Thanks a lot:)Cannii.


$100 a month for food!! Wow they do like their eats don't they. My big old dog doesn't even eat that much. She's more like $40 a month. But I do just have the one.

I really like the shot of the orange and white cat waiting for the food. I can see it hanging in a vet's office!


cute cat


Thank you for everyone,I have to spend 100 dollars for these gluttonous cats each month:)


Cute cats!


Nice images, good luck with your extended family member


Very curious creatures, and they do seem to like food :0)

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