Go Bio Food!

© Mani33
This file was my candidate to this past assignment (Agriculture), but unfortunately it didn't make it...!

I'm blogging it because I really made this illustration to express what I believe, which is the terror that city people in the first hand & many who are forced on consuming artificial or genetically modified food!

Mass production was improved by scientist & specialists to cope with the market & demand, but unfortunately not always things keep the original quality & the taste of the natural stuff!

If you would ask your grandparents some years ago, are these biological vegetables?! They would call you crazy or take it as a joke!

Food in the past used to look normal & smelly even from a distance!

Now a days it looks great & all the same size but tastes different & smells almost nothing!

If you go to a bio store & ask for bio food you might pay double or triple the normal price of commercial fruit & vegetables!

This is sad cause over the taste & the smell, modified food might not be healthy on the long term causing cancers or some different diseases! No wonder with all the chemicals & the conservation material used to keep it shiny on the shelves!

Well I didn't mean to be so pessimist about the subject! Lately I'm noticing that many people are trying to make some plantation even in small gardens, vases, windows... etc, to have some natural green & tasty food... (Of course the joy of taking care of it & seeing the fruit)

In the crises time, home planted stuff makes you healthier happier & saving some on one or more products!

Have a healthy life everybody! ;)

Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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Cool! Keep us posted with your agriculture shots!
Thanks & good luck :)


Glad it's summer and time for fresh fruits and vegetables from local farm stands. Too many deer, rabbits, etc here to grow our own. Maybe try some pictures of families planting fruits and vegetables-an upbeat way of telling the same story--though I do like your illustration. Good luck


I really don't know what is zucchini!!! But anyway I don't think I would like to taste anything like Okra or Okra it self! :)))


I've never tasted okra. What does it taste like? It looks a bit like a zucchini is the taste anything like that?


Thanks Clayton! I totally agree... Susan is frying okra... you can't improve on perfection. LOL!


I see Susan is frying okra...that's the only way to eat it! But I love cooking with garden fresh vegetables! Everything is better picked fresh from the garden. It's sad, because I see natural foods becoming a thing of the past in years to come. People depend too much on science to improve the quality of their lives. Sometimes you can't improve on perfection.


Thanks Leslie! I still prefer natural ones, like many things in life :P LOL!


THat is a great illustration! And what about those giant perfect shiny red apples, a red that does not occur in nature, that taste like cardboard! Give me a little Granny Smith with a few spots on it.


It's sad to hear this Claudio! Unfortunately always somebody benefits with the disgrace of the others! For me these people that destroy the nature & play with serious things are criminals! :(


In Argentina, soybean cultivation is running with the land fertile, increases in food prices, and and is ending the production of more food consumed here: Beef (asado criollo). Someone wins a lot with this disaster!


Well I envy you actually for collecting the crops & eating in the same day!
But I never envy anybody with Okra! :(
I simply hate it LOL!
I see Dessie traveling for Okra oh by the way you could meet Susan LOL!


Did I hear my name??? You wouldn't believe the difference in taste of vegetables that are picked and cooked all the same day!!! If you've never had a garden plant one in a pot and see what I mean! Yes, my okra is good fried!!!! I don't eat it any other way, though. You're just jealous, Maen, since I didn't invite you to come have some. Dessie IS coming this year, I just know it!


Hey Jennifer how is it going?! Thanks! Hope so :)


I like the message that illustration conveys. It might not have made it to the assignments but I see it as being another one of your bestsellers.


Thank you all for your comments! Stay healthy everybody ;)


I LOVE it! You are so right about modified foods. I have a papaya in my portfolio that expresses my feelings on genetically altered foods: GMO Papaya


You're illustration is great and funny... I hope it sells well


Really funny picture!!! I agree with you, I prefear fresh and bio products and I'm always scared when I have to buy chees and other thing that can be modified.


Nice illustration
What you said is true, there is no way to differentiate the vegetables that are artificially polished to keep that shine. Some add colours, some use chemicals to ripen the fruit before time.


So true! We only buy fresh produce and we're lucky to have a weekly organic market near us, that is growing every month. More people seem to understand the benefits of eating healthy foods, grown organically and hopefully they can teach their children. I was surprised that this subject was not tackled more in the last assignment. That's a real shame, I think your concept it great.
I also submitted some pictures but they were too simplistic - I have to say I still can't figure out what that means exactly. Anyway, for my own photos, they're now in my portfolio.


That's true Maen!I remember the taste of real tomatoes and vegetables fresh from my grandma garden,the smell and taste:)Now i can eat fresh vegetables from my father in law garden and this is true,nothing compare with that.


Thanks guys!
Indeed Sara & Carol things are not the way it was before! I remember my grandmother used to cut the veggie for salads & smelling the tomatoes & the cucumber in the kitchen from a distance!


I agree about the tomatoes! Hot house tomatoes have no smell or taste when you buy them. They are much nicer when you grow them yourself. Here in New Zealand there are people that make a living from searching around old ruined farms and houses looking for the remains of old fruit trees and garden plots. They collect seeds and cuttings from very old fruit trees and roses and anything they can find that is an original plant that is obviously hardy enough to have survived on their own for so long. Then they re-establish these plants and sell the seeds as heirloom plants. They have all the flavors and smells that fruit and veggies used to have. Well worth the cost of buying them when your food tastes so much better. :)


Its a really wonderful illustration....the theme of the running veggies works very well!!!!


Thank you for the nice comments!
Mythja it is awful! :(
Dessie I don't know which is worse, okra or fried by Susan! Both! :O ... :)))


This image is also great for promoting healthy lifestyle and food consumption. Especially like the green cucumber's reaction and the fleeing tomato :)


Really great illustration! Susan has bio okra! Fried! :)) Going to taste it?


this is just a great illustration Maen. and i hear you.
i've been struggling with finding tasteful tomatoes on my local market for the past month. since it's not their time i'm trying to find something that will taste good. but they are just awful. who knows what's in them, but they just taste horrifying. :(

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