Go Local!

Since joining Dreamstime I have taken the time to visit different counties of England which are local to London. I now spend the weekends visiting tourist attractions that I haven't been to for years and have revisited the beaches of my childhood. Looking through new eyes (my camera eye!) I have seen the great countryside and landscapes that this country has to offer whereas previously I seemed to take it for granted.

These little trips at the weekend are very cost effective too as most of my sales on Dreamstime have come from tourist locations such as Norfolk, Suffolk or Kent and it costs me very little to get to them. Yesterday I sold 5 images of Norfolk in a couple of hours - maybe someone is making a brochure of the area.

I am really enjoying travelling around my own country and exploring more than I would if I didn't have my camera. Having your eye to your view finder definitely makes you look around more and therefore appreciate what you have right on your doorstep.

Photo credits: Charlotte Leaper.

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Great pictures! I agree with you - travelling with no camera is lethal for my mood. My camera keeps me not to waste inspiration.

Keep up the good work, Charlotte!


Thanks Marilyn! Bexhill is on the South Coast in Sussex so that is pretty near to where I was the other weekend The beach images and the castle one are taken in Sussex). There are some great places to visit nearby - hope you have a great time.


Your images are fabulous! Very well done. I may have the opportunity to visit England this fall, an area or town called Bexhill. Your photos are inspiring and now I'm very excited to visit.


Thanks Braendan!


All the images are beautifully captured.


Thanks guys. Thanks Lauren for the blog link...I need to get out more during lunch!


Your right on track cleaper, I agree the more you look the more you see.


This blog reminds me of my sister. She moved to London a few years ago, but never really did all the cool "tourist" spots. She now tries to see all the cool places in her lunch hour though. Its amazing what you miss out on experiencing, just because its right on your doorstep!


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