Go Local

With the Economy being what it is I know that alot of photographers are feeling it and having to decide if they would rather go out and rent a studio for a few hours if they dont have one with unlimited free access or purchase upgrades for their equipment. As of late I have been thinking about this quite often and have come up with a practical solution until our studio is complete.

The Solution that I have found is our local parks. In my experience most local parks do not charge a fee for shooting and just ask that you keep it clean, if you are doing something major they may ask you to rent out a pavilion or for a small fee but its much less then an hour of studio time.

Another Great thing about your parks is that you are already paying for them with your taxes so you may as well enjoy them and help those in charge justify keeping them and keeping them clean.

For a list of your local parks just check out your local government sites, county, state and city will have their list.

Here are a couple of shots from my local parks.

Neighborhood Parks

Wildlife Sanctuaries

State Parks

And Lets not forget our beautiful Beaches

Photo credits: EmeraldUmbrellaStudio.

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October 09, 2009


So true,some of the best images can be found so close to home.As the saying goes "can't see the wood for the trees".

October 08, 2009


I think all of my images that have sold were taken in parks and arboretums. I love being outdoors, it's good for your soul :0)

October 08, 2009


great shots, and i totally agree with you on going local :) good luck with sales

October 08, 2009


I am living in Amsterdam, all my shots are local.
Best selling images are the Ones I made near my house...


October 08, 2009


lovely images!! and totally love "playing tourist" in my country! you notice great things :)

October 08, 2009


Beautiful shots! Good luck with them!

October 08, 2009


Thanks for the compliments, It is a great thing for me since most of my shots are contract work or pre determined shots

October 08, 2009


I love parks, and I love to make photos there... your photos are splendid, esp. the green tropical forest and the panoramic image! Good luck with them!

October 07, 2009


That is very true! My only submitted photo is in a park close to my house!
Nice shots! Cheers ;)

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