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I like most go to the seaside when my leisure time. The scenery there often made me feel reluctant to part with.

The scene in the sunset at seaside is particular charming, the breeze in the twilight blows the sea slowly, the sea extends its way far away, seems to connect with the sky over there. Walking along the golden sea beach in the twilight, the feeling is also quite enjoyable, the fresh breath of the sea breeze, listening to the well-played sea music and watch the calmly sea view, especially walking along the promenade deck that even closer to the sea, you will feel so quiet the world is and so harmony around at that moment.

Want to relax and release your pressure? Then go to the seaside! There you’ll become free from trouble and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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yeah, the sea can bring us back to nature. :)


I also love the sea. great shots, I can smell the salt air.


I agree, the seaside has a healing affect, nice photos.

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