Goal at 1000 !!!

Mother with two children

I can't believe that I manage 1000 files online! But this is not it, i have much more to do. This summer it was too much photography of children friends and couples! Mainly because of my little princess daughter i have inspiration for photography. New friends of mine and my daughter, relatives and so on, gave me lots of models! Also during this summer i try my self as a video footage operator... Hope that until beginning of winter i'll manage to upload all the footages!

Newborn baby hospital

This summer was a great experience as a family and children photographer, and i hope that sales will go up with 1000 portfolio :)

Thanks for shearing happiness with me in 1000 photo anniversary :)

All the best,and much luck to everyone :)

Red riding hood

Easter bunny

Infant couple in train station

P.S. Uploads this month: 495 )))))

Photo credits: Svetlana Solovjova.
Svetlana Solovjova
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  • Riga, Latvia
I started as a model some time ago in year 2006, and it was a time when photography took me over. In year 2008 when i study in academy i had a lessons of photography. There I learned basics of photo compositions lights and some other stuff. During that time i was shooting on small cheap camera... In year 2009 i came to another level, i found good old soviet union Zenit analog camera, and started to learn about exposure focus length and everything that goes with it. In 2010 i bought my first digital camera. It was Nikon D3000 which i'm using very long time. Year 2011 I found out about stock photography and started to make my portfolio. During year 2013 i had a little vacation because of my pregnancy and in 2014 i became a mother of my cute little daughter which is a biggest inspiration for me! And after that i started photography again, with new power and greater will that i ever had!!!
Bought my self a better camera D3200, few lenses,flashlights and some other gadgets. I met new friends,mothers with kids, who gladly comes to me for photo sets. Models became more as mothers talking about my works. Even whole families started to asking about my works and asking for photo sets! Especially i like to work with kids and infants because they showing all emotions as they feel. Sometimes it's hard but it's worth it! I hope that in the future inspiration will not leave me and i will get bigger and bigger portfolio on my stock photography! And in year 2015 I've finally got my dream - Nikon D750! Thanks for visiting my page and i hope that you liked my works!

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October 26, 2015

Thanks a lot !


October 26, 2015

Lol nice good :) Congrats !


September 27, 2015

Thanks! On this set with vintage suitcases I had two couples of children. But others photos didn't manage to upload yet... But working on it))))


September 26, 2015

Congratulations! Nice photos! I like especially the photo with the two kids in the suitcase!


September 26, 2015

Congratulations! You have some very nice photos in your portfolio.


September 26, 2015

All great shots. Best wishes


September 26, 2015

Congratulations!!! good work!


September 26, 2015

Haotian, hope it will be soon )))))))))))))))))


September 26, 2015

Congrats on your milestone! Looking forward to your 2000 milestone.


September 26, 2015

Amazing work and photography, congratulations!


September 26, 2015



September 26, 2015