Goal Setting in 2009 - and beyond...

I have read one or two blog articles on goal setting for 2009, which led me to share the following extract which I found rather interesting reading, and hopefully a revalation to some...

Get Serious about Setting Goals

(From Robin Sharma, Who will cry when you die?)

Many speakers and authors encourage you to set goals, but most have never explained why this is such a powerful discipline beyond saying something like “Something magical happens when you write down your goals on paper.” In my opinion, setting clearly defined goals for all the areas of your life works for three reasons. First, it restores a sense of focus in your world, a world that has become complicated by too many options. In this age we live in, there are simply far too many things to do at any given time. There are too many distractions that compete for our attention. Goals clarify our desires and, in doing so, help us to focus on only those activities that will lead us to what we want.

Setting clearly defined goals provides you with a framework for smarter choices. If you know precisely where you are going, it becomes far easier to select those activities that will get you there. Writing down your goals clarifies your intentions (and the first step to realizing your vision is defining it). As novelist Saul Bellow once observed, “A clear plan relieves you of the torment of choice.” Or as author Glenn Bland wrote, “Goals and plans take the worry out of living.” If you set goals, the actions you take will be based on your life’s mission rather than on your day-to-day moods. The second reason that goal-setting works is that it keeps you alert to opportunities.

The discipline almost magnetizes your mind to seek out new opportunities; opportunities that you need to seize in order to create the personal, professional, and spiritual life you desire. And the third reason goal-setting works is that clearly defined goals commit you to a course of action. They give you the inspiration to act on your priorities and make things happen in your life rather than waiting for opportunities to land in your lap (which rarely happens). Selecting goals that engage and motivate you is one the best ways to boost the level of your personal commitment to life and increase the energy you bring to your days. So set big goals. You are only as rich, whether materially or spiritually, as your dreams. Or as advertising genius David Ogilvy put it, “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals”.

As for my goals in 2009, Diversify my portfolio.

Best of luck and loads of inspiration...


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January 22, 2009


Hi Warren,
that was a beautiful blog, inspiring and very well researched.
The company of immortals is, or should be, our common, final goal. Right up there, among the ones that made a difference.
In my case the problem with setting up higher goals comes from my lack of wings. I can't fly, I know I'm not good enough.
But let's start small, one step at a time.
I wish you all the best in diversifying your portfolio. Perhaps make it a bit more 'stocky' as well?
And if we can't join the giants of photography, who knows... maybe there are some immortal words that we could write.
Good luck and thank you for taking the time to post this!

December 27, 2008


Thanks Irisangel, and may you have a great New Year too...

December 27, 2008


Good luck in achieving your goals and Have a wonderful New Year Holiday.

December 27, 2008


Thanks Altaf, I enjoyed the extract myself...

December 27, 2008


A great blog, I was enjoying reading it. I really loved it. Thanks

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