Goal Setting Part 3 - Achievement

Today was a landmark day for me in microstock. I received my 50th and 51st downloads of the month only 27 days into March, which allowed me to achieve my goal of 50 downloads in 1 month much sooner than expected.

In this final blog on Goal Setting, I now want to talk about what to do after you achieve your goals.

Achievement should be enjoyed. Rather than jump straight into another goal setting, I feel it is better to give yourself time to relax and reflect. Think about the significance of the achievement, and how it will benefit you tomorrow as well as today. In this case of reaching a download level at Dreamstime, I have added passive income which will continue for years.

What did you learn during this process? Is there anything you wish you could change, if you had a chance to do things over? If so, write it down. You may use this information to aid your future endeavors.

Relax for a while, but do not become lazy. Give yourself a chance to wind down, and pay particular attention to how energized you are to move forward. When you are ready again, do not hesitate. Whether it takes a week or a month, your motivation will soon return in force.

At this point, you return to Step 1. Determine where it is you want to go, and why it is important to you. Consider breaking out of your "comfort zone," and moving forward in a big way. Map out a realistic time table to reach your destination. And of course, use S.M.A.R.T. goal setting to maximize your potential for success.

Photo credits: Laurin Rinder.

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