I had a goal when I started to publish on Dreamstime. It was about three months ago it started, and now I have finally reached the goal of getting 100 images published. This goal has meant, according to myself a great trip in improving the photographic skills. It is very educational to read the forums and take the advice of those who approve (and not approve) the pictures. Of course other photographers tips also has meant a lot.


If the buyers don’t find my pictures attractive have the 100-goal still meant a knowledge that I believe I will have the advantage of in the future…a better photographer.

I recommend you who are thinking to process your images and then publish them to really do so. I also recommend to set a high goal regarding numbers of pictures to publish, the more work, the more you get back…much more than just money…knowledge about design.

Good luck! ;)


Photo credits: OstergotlandiBilder.

Your article must be written in English



To make sales concept images are in demand. EG 'Cut out sugar' or 'cut out CO2'

Please study best selling images.

Your frozen man is great ! David.


Thanks! :)
It's true that keywords are very important. I think that it is quite difficult, especially considering that english isn't my first language. I usually go through Google Translate and then takes synonyms that way. Is there anyone here who have other smart tips?


hello Mattias
congratulations for your first goal and your 100 images online
I like the photo "cold man" and your profile picture
if you want to sell in microstock, this is not the technical quality, artistic or the price of the equipment that counts first,
it is the compréhention trade microstock photography and indexing of your images, their key words, pictures with little concurrency in a different specific theme of others on a search page

good luck ;)


Thank you Lmphotography :)


Great photos!


Thank you! :)


nice images!


Congrats! Never give up goals, this is the only way to do it.

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