God's Beautiful Creatures and Creation

i wanted to write this to everyone here who has submitted their pictures to sell. all of you have done a wonderful job from what i have viewed so far. i really enjoy the diversity in subjects and objects chosen. the landscapes and mountains and lakes and oceans and birds and nature and wild life and creation and inspirational photos are the ones that are relative to my taste. all of you have done a great job of letting the rest of us see this beautiful world through your eyes. i am 54 and very new to technology and i have worked very hard to learn how to operate my nikon cool-pix p-90 and then i had to learn how to operate my windows vista movie maker. i am the photographer for our harley club and we do a lot of riding, as you will be able to see once my pix have been approved and added to my area. i just joined a few days ago. anyway i take pix while doing 35 and 40 mph from the back of our harley road glide. we have a lot of long rides all throughout new england. our club does a lot of charity events, and the event holder is so pleased when they get the video that i made with captions and music added. i rediscovered a passion for photography that i thought was gone. i feel blessed to have this passion once again. god has made so many wonderful things for all of us to enjoy of this planet and it is a real treat to see how all ya all put your ideas and thoughts down on film it is so neat to see the world through the eyes of a person with a passion such as this. may all of you be blessed in your sales and your ability to find really cool things to take pictures of.

Photo credits: John Bigl.

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   One way    yeah i finally figured out how to put my profile picture up and i also figured out how to to the site badge. not all i have to do it wait for my pix to be approved and uploaded to my site i was sooooo confused.


Welcome to DT! Sorry I can't help you with the site badge thing but I'm not great with some of this technology myself. There might be something in the message boards? Hope you have a great time here :0)


thanks to all of you who sent a reply to my very first post wow i am sooo blessed you guys are sooo sweet and thank you for the blessings i am having a blast but i need help with one issue how to i create a badge for my site? and is it something i cannot do until my pix are approved and put on my site? thanks for your help you all have a very blessed week end again thank you for your encouragement. my next batch of pix will show our 2005 harley road glide. i am still trying to understand all the rules and license issues. =^)~


Hi Cheryl, first of all welcome to DT, hope to see some of those Harley pics online soon. Secondly, thanks for the kind words, and I agree there are some amazing artists here with loads of diversity but as yourself I find the nature/wildlife images my favorites, however sometimes sit in awe of the creativity available once you get the hang of (and no its not that easy) programs such as photoshop etc...Thanks for the blessings, may you discover with your rejuvenated interest that there are many sales to come.


Thank you for you blessing, Cheryl! I hope saints will hear you.


elcome to the world of technology. I think you will really love this because despite the imperfection we see in the world, there are still some perfect scenes that makes this imperfection nothing. You will be able to capture them and seeing them makes your life great. Even if the technology has somehow destroyed the earth, there are also some that are very useful, just like camera and phones that will also used to get an image. Right now, the smartphones are dueling it out for which phone can make gullible people drop the most cash for something they don't need. Right now, the two biggest contenders for king of the smartphones are dueling for supremacy. In one corner, the reigning champ, the AT&T carried iPhone. The other is the Motorola Droid, carried by Verizon. The iPhone came out with a cheaper 4GB model last year, and Motorola is answering back with the Verizon Droid Eris, a cheaper version of the Droid. The only thing it actually has in common with its big brother is the Android OS. Regardless, smartphones still get insecure yuppies and wannabes to drop same day loans on stuff they don't need.


very very very nice post, thanks for your words! :)

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