The Goddess on the Mountains in Southwestern China ----Four Girls Mountains

Is known as “East's Alps” the laudatory name Mt. Siguniang, in 1994 is examined and approved by the State Council for the country key scenic spot area, the elevation 50 meters, is the chiunglai sierra most male wonderful mountain peak. Located at Sichuan pa Tibet Qiang national minority autonomous region Xiaojin County within the boundaries, by traverses the mountain peak which in the sierra four border on to be composed, is similar to throws over Bai Sha, to looks the good-looking young girl. The fable is four beautiful girls melts, therefore acquires fame. the Mt. Siguniang adjoins with the Wolong nature protection area and the Mia aircraft Luo red leaves scenic spot. Is known as East's Alps, is apart from Chengdu the approximately 220 kilometers, the total area 450 square kilometers, the prominent peak younger sister peak elevation 6250 meters, the mountain massif is steep, refers to the blue sky straight, the icy peak cover, the silver illumination person. By male towering tall and straight famous, focuses attention on for various countries' mountaineer.

In scenic area appearance of the mountain steep, vigorous rough, ravine netsch Shan Yifeng, the glacier fly the spring, the size mountain lake and the broad forest, the lawn, each kind of strange flower and grass, the rare birds and beasts, constituted the plateau mountainous region scenery which is characteristic. According to the natural situation and the scenery distribution, the scenery regionalization divides into the Twinbridge ditch, the long level ground ditch and the lake ditch 3 scenic spots.

The Twinbridge ditch span 4.8 kilometers, the area approximately is 216.6 square kilometers, the scenery differentiates three sections, has developed more than 20 scenic spots, may watch to several seas dials more than 4000 meter above snowy mountain lower segments is the willow bridge, has cloudy marvelous sights and so on Yanggu, Chinese white poplar forest belt, livelihood valuable mirror mountain, five colors mountain. The center-section to expel the fish dam, including scenic spots and so on sapodilla plum level ground, sea-buckthorn forest, sharp rockery, nine seas. The upside for the cow shed lawn and the long sandbank, in has the Arab League deceased mother mountain, the hunter peak, the blood to build scenic spots and so on wall, weapon pine leisurely color, cow shed, perpetual flow dam. And the oligocene ape peak, the hunter peak, the hawk beak crag, the golden rooster range these nature clever axe finger of God creates wonderful cliff, astounding; The five colors mountain, the full moon peak, the shed heart crag, pornographic valley these fill the mysterious fable Shan Shi, was revealing is in sole possession of intelligence. But the picture cannot detain their soul, the language cannot describe their individuality, you then use the eye and the mind go to and them communicate. the long level ground ditch span 29 kilometers, the area approximately is 100 square kilometers, the canyon daytime, gentle long, the Mt. Siguniang is situated in the ditch 16 kilometers place. In the scenic area has copal quiet road, Tibetan monastery, dry lake and height dozens of meters flies the waterfall, and has scenery of the wonder stone. Spring, wild flower and oil cauliflower Qi Kai; The fall, the red birch and the red maple tree vie with each other in beauty. Is green and luxuriant after vicissitudes' green jade cypress pine, flies the waterfall natural flow whish whish to make noise in the jungle, ancient times the post road shuttled back and forth in the boundless boundless forest extends.

Photo credits: Shansekala.


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April 12, 2008


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