Going it Alone

Like many people here, I'm not a professional photographer. I've had some training, and I love it, but it's not my main job. I do it when I can in my spare time or when I'm going places that might turn out some good shots for myself or for DT. This means that I'm usually shooting when I'm going on a trip or someplace with other people, which also means I have a limited amount of time to stand around shooting pictures of...say...an interesting rock formation or something before the rest of my party gets bored and insists we move along.

So last weekend, I found myself with a few days totally to myself. My boyfriend was out-of-town, my good friend was gone for the weekend and no one else was interested in doing much of anything. I decided to take the opportunity to head to a big aquarium nearby, where I had only managed to get a few shots from on a previous visit with a friend. But this time I was determined to spend as much time as I wanted shooting things in between going to dolphin shows and riding a roller coaster.

I had a wonderful time and spent 30 miniutes watching dolphins get fed for this shot:

and probably another half hour lingering at the viewing area for these shots:

Which I really like.

It made me realize that some of my best photography and most memorable moments have been times when I decided to "go it alone."

Photo credits: Caroline Klapper.

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July 26, 2008


I am originally from Lakeland so I am familiar with your area. I go it alone alot! No distractions... and you are right... you can stare at that rock formation for as long as you like!

June 29, 2008


I like the last sentence,I love the feeling all time.

June 20, 2008


Thanks for the nice comments.

June 19, 2008


alice !! (ladykassie for those who don't know) if you went with her she wouldn't be alone and neither would you hahahah

great shots and i plan to do some solo shooting as well due to hubby's schedule and son's impatience with my "hobby"

June 19, 2008


Nice shots!

You have inspired me more to go out and do some more photography alone.. but if you lived closer I would of went with you!.. ;0)

Those are fantastic shots of the dolphins!

June 19, 2008


This is so true.

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