Going on animal tour 2

© Gabees
Today I choose the dog, how surprising

I choose 3 pictures , just randomly.

This reminds of the movie 101 dalmations. they are so cute, even if they grow up, they have a high cuties level

dogs are the reflection of the caracter of the boss, in my opinion.

this one is so cute , at least I think its cute :)

and afcourse my own dog, a little jack russel but not with all the caracters of a jack russel, this one is real quiet, the only time he acts like a macho is when he is on leache and he sees another dog, but as soon as he can touc the outher dog and smell its over

but this is my sweety

Photo credits: Gaby Kooijman, Ramona Smiers, Saskia Massink, Showface.

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December 14, 2007


Haha Ramona :-)

But euhh nice blog!
Thank you for using my picture...

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