going beyond the walls of photography

when i first picked up a camera and started shoooting nature, i had no formal training, no classes, just self taught. when i look and nature somehow it just calls out the shot and i take it. now everyone has their own idea of what art and photography is , but to me its going beyond the walls of photography and seeing things for what they are. i don't use photo-shop because i want my viewers to see what i saw at that moment and if the image is doctored up then i changed the way it would have been seen in natures eye. when i drive around i am always looking and watching for something to cry out and say here it is, shoot it. i have done weddings before and not a big fan due to the fact that most of the shots have to be posed and i am all about capturing things in the moment. but get me outdoors and look out!. i have traveled to peru and my highlight is shooting the people of the andes and machu-picchu. my advise to aspiring photographers would be to just go out and have fun with it, and pay attention to details and your surroundings. dream big and go outside the box, have fun with it.

Photo credits: Terry Carr.

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