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...the tough gets going.

do you know that saying? i was just watching a movie of one of my favorite ladies Jessica Biel and in the end of the story, she stomps out of the mansion with bravado, telling off the people who kept putting her down. And the music comes on with Anthony Newley, i think, singing.. "when the going gets rough, the tough gets going".

WHat has this to do with my new blog? Really, nothing at all, lol.

I was looking at the comments to my last blog and my friends here mentioned the funny model that they like . Well, I have to reveal the shameful truth that that funny model is none other than myself.

I tend to produce funny self portraits during the winter months, as I truly cannot stand that season. Usually, I would leave for Latin Am, S Am, Africa, or wherever the warm weather is, and I remain quite sane.

Unfortunately, that was not possible the past winters, and to keep myself productive, I do self portraits. Fortunately for me, it enables me to accumulate quite a few regular sellers for me. I admit that I had intentions to do a serious stock concept most of the times

, but as you can see many times, my true feeling gets the best of me and I end up hijacking the shoot with acting like some goof

... My best friend who is also my psychiatrist, lol..just kidding..

tells me it's how i vent my frustrations.

true feelings.

it keeps me young and virile, lol.

Well, lucky for all of us, I am feeling wonderful right now, since summer is almost here. ie. as soon as we get this rainy gloom

weather out of the way.

Have a good summer .

For those of you having winter , oh I feel so sorry for you..

... lol...just kidding.


come my friends,

let's enjoy my home cooking.

Photo credits: , Tan510jomast.

Your article must be written in English

June 29, 2011


Great article. I've not yet tried self portrait, and well it's winter here now so perhaps it's time I started. Thanks for sharing.

June 29, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

June 29, 2011


Very creative!!!

June 29, 2011


Very very funny Tan ^_^

You are mythical!

June 29, 2011


Very creative!!! Bye, Francesco

June 29, 2011


Great creativity and pictures! BTW, do you use the camera self-timer or remote control? You hate winter? I love winter but then I live in the tropics. ;)

June 29, 2011


You are very funny and creative :-) winter is not so bad ;-) Bye, Francesca

June 28, 2011


Great blog... thanks for sharing.

June 28, 2011


Yes, funny model!

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