Going Green.

Green is the color and I'm now one of them!(they said it in the email) .In this case the 3 R's are review, respond, rewards).

After a year plus on DT, I have finally come to a conclusion to be an exclusive illustrator, and what makes me decide on it- the 3 R's.

I personally choose to believe that DT reviewing process didn't compromise quality for quantity. Editorial job is to review thoroughly and give a justified and brave decision. Those that understand SEO will know Google is clamping down on paid links from directory in whereby the editors didn't put effort in reviewing and accept any websites submission just to earn that fee.

© Spaxia

Responding in DT is enough said already, it's all over the internet, don't believe? Just pop a question at the forum, you get admins come rushing in rubbing shoulders with one another trying to give you the best answer.

Rewards as an exclusive contributor is unbeatable in the industry so there's no argue here.

You can like me on facebook if you agree with me on the 3 R's otherwise share the 3 R's in your book with us :).

I am green on the 5th of October 2012, and there's still 77 days before the world ends hahaha! In the meantime, I'm back to the drawing table.

Photo credits: Imkenneth, Marian Vejcik, Spaxia.

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Thanks everyone for leaving your kind comment. No problem Marian, the photo gives me an impression of a busy artist at work, which is what I wanted to express.


Thank you for using my photos, I also exclusive from 25/09/2012.


Congratulations! I am exclusive too,!


I'm exclusive too, and I think it works well for me.


congrats - good decision and ur right regarding the quick and good responses from the admins, just experienced that myself lately - and of course this world will end one day, we just don't know when exactly ;)


Thanks for the input! Never really believed the world is going to end so soon, and it's more like a living myth we are witnessing; Fengai, your illustration is nice, I really like them :)


I am also exclusive... and the world is not going to end! think positive!


congratulations! I am an exclusive author DT ! I like it!

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