Going to see Grandma

I just got word yesterday that my dear grandmother had a heart attack and it not in the best of health so I am flying back to the US from Japan to see her in Merced, California. Before I head to the airport I checked my recent sales and found this picture had sold the day she was in the hospital. This was the first sales I have had in almost two weeks. This picture was taken in Merced, California last summer when I went to visit my grandmother. Life has a way of making you wonder.

© Mvogel

Photo credits: Mvogel.

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April 05, 2011


Even if you do not know, I am sorry for your grandmother, I hope you heal soon, greetings!

April 05, 2011


I wish your grandmother all the Best!

April 04, 2011


good luck to you and your grandma

April 04, 2011


I wish your grandmother all the Best! May she recover soon!

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