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Going through withdrawals

As I am currently deployed to Iraq, there is not much time for stock photography. I do, occasionally, go on a hunt around my Forward Operating Base looking for stock images I can capture so that when I get back to the States I can upload them. I am looking forward to getting back to stock when I return. I have about 100 days left here, so it won't be long now!!!

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August 15, 2007


My fiance was in Afghanistan just a couple years ago. He brought back some amazing pictures! Some ideas for stock images in your environment could be: soldiers lacing up their boots, wiping sweat from their brow, doing something helpful for a local child, test firing their weapons, and so on.

Stay safe out there! Know that people back home support you!

August 09, 2007


Thanks, Sylvia. I try to educate, but it usually ends up just being entertaining.

August 06, 2007


Be safe Jay!

July 23, 2007


Hang in there! Look forward to having you back. Be safe.

July 21, 2007


Of course I am keeping a calendar! Marking off the days keeps me sane! lol

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