Golden Ball 2009 - France Football Best 30 Players

Hello Football Editorials.

Today I start a Blog about the

France Football 30 Best Player of the World.

All editorials are welcome to download high quality pics of the football players.

Here are some of them:

1.Cesc Fabregas

2.Andres Iniesta

3.David Villa

4.Iker Casillas

5.Andrei Arshavin

6.Zlatan Ibrahimovic


8. Cristiano Ronaldo

9.Didier Drogba

10.Stiven Gerrard


I have more picture of these 30 players, just the time to upload all of them.

If you need any kind of editorial material, football, Euro2008, Champions League and others just let me know.

And let me know your ideas about the quality and the selection.

In a few days I will send you here more football stars.

Photo credits: Photoplanet.

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November 16, 2009


Ok, here are some new players from the list of 30 BEST 2009.

9. Didier Drogba
10. Stiven Gerrard

November 14, 2009


Jonvitalija, our agency got the accreditation for the 8matches at EURO2008, I think they know our quality, we have also a football magazine, and that's why we had this opportunity.
For the Mundial, I really hope to visit few matches too. If you promiss me two tickets for Manchester United - Chelsea match, I will do the best to take you with our team to the next football Mundial :)

smartview27, in 30 best players of France Football there is no Romanian players. But if you need any pic, I can upload some of Chivu, Mutu, or others if you really download theme. Let me know.

I just waiting the admins to update here the list of the new players.
Just another 152hours :)

November 13, 2009


Don't forget to include a romanian star, please.

November 13, 2009


Definitely MESSI.
One question: how did you get the press pass for all this amazing football matches? And Is that anyway i could fit into your camera bag and go to SudAfrica next year with you? PLEASE,PLEASE

November 13, 2009


Sure, Yuri, Messi is the BEST, this year.
I have about 20pics of 30 best players.
Hope to support the editorials all around the world with this pics.
Comunque, Yuritz, anche tu hai delle belle foto di Venezia e non solo, sicuro che farai strada. Qui e' la qualita' che conta.

November 13, 2009


oh well,I hope and think it'll be Messi the new one

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