The golden mushroom time is near :)

The golden Autumn is not far and you can make a little walk in the forest and find some early mushrooms even today.

© Jump
© Kady

You should not forget to take with you your little pocketknife and little bucket to pick some mushrooms.

You can make some cool photos or just pick mushrooms and make a good tasty mushroom sauce - the choice is yours :)

One more thing! While in the forest take extra care not to lose your cellphone - just in case you should need one ;)

Photo credits: , Anton Sharypov, Kady Palm, Marko Palm, Wellford Tiller, Tatyana Nyshko.

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August 27, 2008


Another hint: Only make the mushroom sauce (which sounds very yummy, BTW) if you know about wild mushrooms!! Some are deadly! And since I don't know anything about them, I stay away from wild ones and only get mine from the grocery store. Sounds like you know about them!!

August 26, 2008


Another hint: get a case for your phone that has a belt loop clip. That way incase you fall or walk into a tree (yeah, i've done it), it gets knocked around but does not fall off.

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