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Today, rolling on the floor with laughter :))). My friend brought pictures of his daughter made in kindergarten how the "photographer of the professionals" for a certain sum of money.

- What are some good photos! - All said.

The plot of the photo - the child embraces a large soft toy, a striped tiger. 1 photo in full growth and 2 sitting photos. A cursory inspection of the photo I saw a remarkable clarity in his eyes - Toy TIGER! :))) And the blurring of the eyes and faces of all the girls on the photo ... Also clearly predominant purple.

-This is a marriage!

- Why? - Puzzled friend asked ...

- Do you like photos?

- Yes, good photos


Then decided to do an experiment. Did 2 shots of my friend. 1 photo I have deliberately played with the color balance in the camera and also did a little blur on the 2 photos tried to make as clear eyes and restored color balance. First I showed him a picture and asked him:

- You like it?

- Yes a good picture - he said.


Friend was able to understand the difference only when comparing the two pictures at once!

Children long enough, and many customers do in the photo did not really understand ... Easy money someone earned on marriage. Bad habits and customs!

That's why I like DT! To upload an image it must be done to make high-quality! - Is the practice, and practice is experience. Having been refused, I try to understand where the mistake and continue her not to repeat. Live and learn.

Not having an extra flash and a good lens for my nikon I reject orders for photos for the money, that would not make poor-quality photos. Although my family does not understand me. But what happens when you use the built-in camera flash indoors in low light? Flat picture and a tough shadow behind ... nothing beautiful.

Photo credits: Le0nid.

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May 30, 2011


Thanks for sharing.......

May 19, 2011


Great blog!
I think there are a lot of people out there that are in it for the money/glory. Anyone can pick up a camera, but an artist and photographer gives life to it.

May 18, 2011


nice pic

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