Good bye to winter - Hello Spring!!!!

I could really kick myself as I had some great opportunities today to get shots of my granddaughter planting flowers and my daughter spreading mulch and doing yard work. I just forgot to bring my camera (isn't that breaking some kinda law)

I will be sure to get some tomorrow, we have lots of gardening to do.


Planting seeds,

preparing garden beds,

Children digging in the dirt,

playing in the mud,

Child discovering bird nest,

watering plants

watering garden,

child with garden hose

child with watering can

garden tools hat and gloves


the list just goes on and on....

Photo credits: Psalm113v9.

Your article must be written in English



Those are very useful ideas for things to shoot - kind of like Ellen Boughn's blogs used to list!


So pretty the poetry...
The spring nearly has nearly arrived... also from me!

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