Good day to all. I am going to be exclusive too!

I was away for a short holiday.

Before the holiday, I uploaded 26 files for approval. When I was back, I was happy to see 11 out of 26 were accepted and I am thrilled to see more sales (+2), though it was a simple image.

Now, I am allowed to be an exclusive photographer for DT and thrilled to know that every acceptance means $0.20 more.

Let's "Huat ah!" --- slang from Singapore, meaning let's get rich :P

Before I end this blog, I also wanna share my new small collection. I started to upload some "stock" oriented stamp. They are from my stamp collection that I had when I was a kid. What a nostalgic feeling!

Photo credits: Hong Ni Chan.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks for the blessing


Enjoy the benefits of being exclusive.


Thank you, Kannichan! Perhaps a member who is an admin could tell us more? Ewapix


Thank you all once again.

@ Ewapix: Interesting question. I sold them as RF. As intelligent Property right is kept changing to broaden its coverage, I do not have a good answer. But, I only posted stamp from China and non-existing country (Czechoslovakia). I googled it but couldn't find an answer to it. On the other hand, I hope to show the beautiful images that they once had and to show that they care about the environment too.


Congratulations and good luck! By the way, as a newbe I have a question about stamps:do they have copyright or intelectuall property right (as they are designed by artists)? Do you sell them as RF or editorial? How does it work? I had a conversation about intelectual copyright with British Royal Mail a lot of their stuff need s a special permission - even the design for the red letter box is an intellectual property and needs a permission for distribution as an image. Ewapix


Good luck with your exclusivity


"Huat ah! to all of us...;-))


Good luck to you!


Congratulations! Great decision.


Congratulations! :)




congrats, nice photos!


@ FabioConcetta : Thanks. U have a great portfolio!


Congratulations on reaching the finish line and I wish you many sales! (Singapore is really beautiful and one of the few cities that has remained in my heart)


Thanks. Will work harder to upload more!


Hah congrats!

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