Good Design for Improved User Experience

There's nothing more frustrating to a user, in my experience, than logging onto a website or e-commerce platform with poorly executed design. When target pages are difficult to locate, the text overcrowds the images (or vice versa), and the color scheme distracts from the offerings or services on the page, the user frequently decides to leave, even if he/she wants what you had to offer.

Good design should optimize, and then maximize, the user experience. Whether the design is simple or complex is not important; what is critical is that - regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the design chosen - the user interface works smoothly within minimal or no problems. At The Control Group - we test designs in variations, and choose the winning design to implement.

Select images that complement, rather than overwhelm, a page. Use colors that work well with each other, instead of clashing at every cross-section. And most importantly, do not use the Comic Sans font. You have been warned!

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August 27, 2013


thank you for using my image for this article :)

August 25, 2013


Thanks for sharing, I agree

August 24, 2013


Some basic, generic design principles followed by an ad for your own company equals a blog post? You know what makes effective advertising? Have something of substance to say rather than just fluff.

August 22, 2013


Thanks for sharing, I agree whit you!

August 22, 2013


One person's good design is another's bad. Trains passing in the night!

August 21, 2013


Patience and attention seeking and you will find what you want.Just a little patience:)and I can assure you that you will find here exactly what you want.That's exactly you're right.Thank you for sharing!

August 21, 2013


thanks for sharing, you're right.

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