Good end to the year

This year has ended on a good note. I have now achieved over 1500 images on line and sales reaching over 250, so I am well pleased.

Although I concentrate most of my images on food photography such as this fish and chips picture:

Fish and chips

I also use other areas of interest such as architectural pictures:

Birmingham library

This image also won a competition entry for me. I always take my camera on holiday with me, as I never want to miss the chance to get a useful image, such as this one of the Eiffel tower:

Eiffel Tower

I like to continually update my images on line, so I look back at images to see if I can produce a better image of one I took earlier in my career, hence I replaced this cream tea image:

Cream tea

with this one in which I have changed the nature of the image

Cream tea

In this way I hope I have managed to produce a diverse range of images and help to increase my online sales.

I hope other contributors find my ideas useful and wish all of you a Happy Christmas and a pleasant and productive New Year.

Photo credits: Andrew Norton.

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December 20, 2016


Interesting sarcastic comment from Babar760 with good download per image ratio, over 4. I have recently uploaded photos from Rio2016 Olympics, and this comment might as well apply to me too. I have spent a bit of money on Olympic tickets and downloads form my Olympic images not even equal price of single meal in Brazil. Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year.

December 20, 2016


Be careful not to spend more money on the food than you make on the photography! That is a path to disaster. It may take 30 sales to equal the price of a fish & chips meal..........

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