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About Good friday and Easter..

Do you know what is Good friday and Easter all about? Nowaday, even some "christian" tend to forgot the true meaning of Good Friday and Easter.

It's all about JESUS!

Good Friday: Jesus died for us and saved us from sin.

Easter: Jesus has risen from death and gave us eternal life(who believed in him)

These two images has reached to level 2, meaning quite a lot of people who understand about Good friday and Easter. Thank God!

Here I have some new images related:]

Hope we are on the same boat!

God bless you.

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

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April 03, 2009


Thank you for taking a stand and for your beautiful images.

April 03, 2009


Blessings to you also. Great spiritual images.

April 03, 2009


Good point, let us not forget.

April 02, 2009


Yes, let's glorify Him!

April 02, 2009


Yes, he died, he rose again, was glorified and gave gifts unto men. Thank you for posting this message. Praise the Lord.

April 02, 2009


Beautiful images, and AMEN! to all you said.

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