Good helpers, bad helpers?

Dumpling is a very popular food in Chinese families. I make dumplings as our fast-food almost twice a month. I need 3 hours to hand-make about 200 pieces without any assistant, not so good, not too bad.

But, if some unexpected helpers come to help me, like those two, the thing becomes difficult and serious…

The sister asks, “Can I use these make a small pizza?” “No, these are just for dumplings!”

The brother says, “Ha-ha, I put in a marble (as stuffing)”. Oh, my god! I have to pinch one by one to find it…

Thank you.

Photo credits: Tracy0703.

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sorry I am late , as I just found you in one of your recent blog.
It's been so long that I've enjoy authentic chinese "Teem Sum", my favourite is Lo Mai Kai, but I guess the dumplings Swee Mai and Har Kow are the more popular ones . Looks like you get to eat all these every day. Lucky you. Nice photos too, congrats.


Thank you, Fultonsphoto and Aginger.
Aginger, I will find a receipt for you later.


A receipt, please? :)


Nice images, love to see kids having fun and their natural unposed expressions are great.


Thank you, Irisangel.


That's funny! Boys will be boys. Great shot.


Thank you, Wildmac. Agree with you!


Kids are always fun in the kitchen! My kids favourite thing to make are cookies at christmas. They love using different shaped cutters and then different coloured icing and decorations. Every tree, star, or snowman is different! Love your photo :0)


Thank you, Linqong, my favorite.


Good shot!
Cute children!

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