Good luck in sales pal!

Few weeks ago a friend of mine has joined a company that sells natural products and stuff for diet...

As a salesman, his first challange was to make a presentation in PowerPoint to present the company & it's products and show an argument based on what he learned during his training...

He asked me help as computers never been his strong point, on the contrary of his sales skills!

Well he brought me some photographs that he found on the net to use in his presentation, the text and a scan of the product that the company gave him also!

In these cases I don't like to face people immediately with the copy rights issue! It's not that I am afraid to speak about it, but it's better to convince people than confronting them with your firm opinion! At least that's how I like to do it... If I can't convince them I would tell directly that I won't work with illegal material!

Well the argument wasn't difficult at all! I told him: "You know I don't like much those photos, but leave it for me, I will arrange you good ones that you can always use and give a nice impact to your presentation..."

I confess two of the 4 photos I downloaded were not for the presentation purpose but as I had the opportunity to use them there I didn't hesitate to do so!

Today he told me that the presentation & everything went fine, the photos (that he loved), the animation and the argument...

Leave you with the photos and their use! Cheers ;)

© Kurhan
© Kurhan

The image of the business man were used in the history of the company;

The Doctor pointing used to present the product as a recomended healthy product;

The woman paying in the Supermarket was used to show one of the sales points;

The lady with the computer was used to talk about customer feedback & satisfaction.

Photo credits: Kurhan, Desislava Vasileva, Tarragona.

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October 16, 2009


Thank you Anna ;)

October 16, 2009


Good job Maen, and well chosen images! :-)))

October 15, 2009


yes, as always Mani the good dude.
i am still waiting for that beer he promised me, lol..
but i just couldn't find the airplane or bus to take me to his city, ha!ha!
good job Mani ! ciao !

October 13, 2009


WOW Carolyne thanks! I'm speechless!
But when I was a little boy I used to call my self Supermaen playing superman with the towel arround my neck :)))

October 13, 2009


You're a star Maen! You're always helping someone somewhere. (Supermaen)  Superhero 

October 13, 2009


Thank you again all of you :)
I wish I could be helpful to all of you! I will try my best to use your photos as soon as I can...

Dessie which one :P

October 13, 2009


great job, well done :)

October 13, 2009


Maen, Its good to be busy, well you are like me online for most of the time. Well do you develop sites or just design them???

October 13, 2009


Great job, Maen! I know how hard it can be to explain copyright issues to someone. I even stay away from the iffy stuff so I will always know that I'm in the right. In your case, a little tact went a long way.

October 13, 2009


Good for you Maen,you helped a lot of people :)

October 13, 2009


yes very useful, thanks Maen

October 13, 2009


Good going, Maen, keep your friends legal ;))

October 13, 2009


That's simply a great story, Maen.

October 13, 2009


You're so helpful to your friends, Maen! And thanks for using one of my photos!

How did you choose exactly this one? :)

October 13, 2009


Thank you all :)
@Creativei: Thank you bro, Inshallah as soon as I need one! I am always online but believe it or not I'm full of work!!! :)

October 13, 2009


very helpful of you :) well done! and nice chosen images!

October 13, 2009


Hi Maen, as always very helpful.

October 13, 2009


Hi nice blog, but Im just waiting when you will use one of my images in a project. :-))))) And where have you been, didnt find you around for couple of days.......

October 12, 2009


Congratulations! If in a business both partners are satisfied things are great!


October 12, 2009


Nice work, you helped your friend and a couple of fellow contributors. Good for you!

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