good morning people :)

Hello. My name is Alex. I'm from Russia. I'm sorry for my English - it's not good enough. I decided to write some here just to open my soul :) I'm new in stocks. I've earned 12$ for now. (133 photos uploaded). I would say dreamstime is interesting. I use site name edited by admin but I hope dreamstime will make a progress - I like it... I don't know why... maybe I see a perspective here... I saw my stats for last 4 months and I can say - my sales are growing. It's good :)

In real life I'm working as an ad photographer. I photograph girls (models) for posters, ad, magasines. I live in province and can't get a good price for my art. It makes me work hard with design work. I prepare modules for printing, work as designer. (By the way, I decided to post several my interesting photos here. I think It's a good idea) I forgot to say, It's my first blog and It's in English - this is a VERY BIG STEP for me. Ok, now! I'm going to find photos for post. See you soon...! bye!

Photo credits: Amikphoto.

Your article must be written in English



Good afternoon... The hour I'm seeing this Blog :P
Great photos and tell you what you could speak russian with these photos I will understand you (Joking)
Good Luck
Cheers ;)


goodmorning :)
nice images! well done with your english!



Thank you very much :) I've made sevaral photos
How do you think is it ok?


nice sexy images


Welcome to DT!
Nice photos! Keep uploading and have fun here!


Great shots, good luck with them here! And yapp, English is really good, don't be shy to use it ;)


It's all I could afford at the time.I'm trying to get better lenses as I can afford them and eventually I'll get a better body. But right now it's great, it does most things I want it to. I wish RAW capture was faster though. :0)


Thank you! It seems to me you use Canon 1000d - how do you like it? 15 years ago I used Canon 1000 :) Film camera :) It was my first Canon.


Hi Alex! Your English is very good. I like your images, keep uploading and the sales should keep coming. Cheers Carol.

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