Hello “family”!

This bad, lurid period maybe will finish next week, but this end will be the beginning of other problems I think…I’m very tired, I want the sun in my life, but I only see a dark sky! No, I’m not terrify about this situation, but in my heart and in my soul I only want to fight to delete this dark grey clouds in my days…I wanna start to smile again…I’d like smile with my “other half of the apple”, but I don’t know if that angel will come back in my life in a near or distant future…

Anyway, this period will ending in (I think) 2 or 3 months….this is a good new!!

My “angel” seems like vanished as perfume in the air…this is a very bad new!!

I’m quite optimist about the future is another good new!!

My inspiration is unlimited in this another good new!

The situation isn’t bad as it could be, but I’m not quite…

This week DT approved this new illustration

Please, pray for me, for everything….I’ll pray for you to wish you good days!

I don’t know if I write next week, but I continue to create some new illustration for everyone here!

“See you soon”


Photo credits: Gheburaseye.



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July 26, 2009


Waiting to see...
Cheers ;)

July 26, 2009


Thank Mani33 and Wildmac! You're great!
I have to say only a thing: the new illustration you see here were made by me when everything was ok! between august and september I'll send to DT the illustrations I'm creating in these days: in those works you can see the pain of my heart.....

July 25, 2009


I believe that to appreciate the good times you should pass through bad ones, other wise good days won't taste that special! Be smart and get over it.
Nice images, really reflecting your broken heart!
Cheers ;)

July 25, 2009


The good times never seem to last long, but the good news is that the bad times don't last either. Things are always changing and what you think is your best today will be surpassed by something else you do tomorrow. Chin up :0)

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