Good tip for making panoramic images...

I have posted one tutorial with images to my webpage. It shows an easy way to make panoramic images.

You can read this in here.

This is one sample image that is made using same principles.

This is only one possibility. Does anybody know some other good advice and recommendations?

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April 03, 2012


wow, its interesting. Thanks for posting such nice information.

March 26, 2012


Nice and useful blog, thanks!
I have though restricted myself to Linux so I stick with Hugin tools :)
...which is cross-platform and much more than just a panorama stitcher. One can download it from here:

March 25, 2012


Thanks for sharing!!!

March 23, 2012


interesting, Thanks

March 22, 2012


Great, thanks for sharing.

March 22, 2012


Thank you for the useful information!

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