Google Sketchup!

I have really been enjoying playing with Google's fun FREE 3D drawing program called Google Sketchup! You can go here to find out more about it:

After you download it, you can watch instructional videos that explain the basics of the program. Although I am only a novice at illustrations, I think it could be a great way to practice your skills! However, I have not been able to produce illustrations with it that have a good enough technical execution to be approved. But I still think Google Sketchup is a LOT of fun to play with!

(P.S. The image on the left is not mine, but I really liked it and thought it would be good for illustrating my blog.) :)

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva.

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January 06, 2009


Never heard of it. But I'll try it when I have time. Thanks for using my photo :)

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