Goreme in Cappadocia (Turkey)

I was in Göreme in june (2009) coming from Kayseri, and i staid there for a couple of days.

Göreme, located among the "fairy chimney" rock formations, is a village in Cappadocia, a historical region of Turkey. The altitude of the village is 1100 m, in the middle of a vulcanic plateau with deep and steep valeys.

It is in the Nevsehir Province in Central Anatolia. The Goreme National Park (Goreme Milli Parklar in Turkish) was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.

Goreme is the favorite Cappadocia touring base for many travelers because of its excellent selection of hotels, inns and pensions, and its proximity to the Open Air Museum.

In the old times, the name was Acvilar, becoming Goreme only from medieval times.

With "fairy chimney" pinnacles of volcanic rock rising right in the town center, and cave houses in the valley walls, Goreme is a worthy rival to nearby Urgup.

Photo credits: Emicristea.

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July 23, 2009


Beautiful images!

July 23, 2009


Great photos!

Elly, will you take me with you?

July 23, 2009


This is one of the places I dream about and I know I will go there soon. In the meantime I'll enjoy your photos, because they are BEAUTIFUL!
Thanx for sharing with us :)

July 22, 2009


One of the most amazing things about being involved in this business, is the opportunity to see images of places that I never knew existed. Truly a beautiful place. Wonderful images!!! Good luck with them.

July 22, 2009


Stunning scenery... but watch out for the dogs there... they bite! I was there in winter and had to get rabies shots after I got bitten in the back of the leg... not fun! Great photos - the sky there always seems to be a spectacular blue!

July 22, 2009


Looks like a great place to visit! Love your photos :0)

July 22, 2009


Great nature in Turkey. Wish to visit again.
Thanks for sharing.
Cheers ;)

July 22, 2009


Wonderful photos!

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