When I was young, I used to cry a lot. My nights were lonely. One night I met the angel of the dark. She asked me to make a wish and I did. Today my angel of the dark granted my wish. I have got my wings and I am ready to fly.

Thank you Dreamstime

I know I have to cover miles, but I am ready. One of my quotes say -

"To realize your dreams, believe in yourself."

Would love to hear about your dreams, Please share.

Angel of the dark

Photo credits: Simrankankas.
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  • Simrankankas

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August 19, 2015

I hope your every dream will all come true. ^_^ You're in the right place anyway, it's the place of any kind of dream, it's dreamstime!!


August 18, 2015

Good story. Best wishes for more and more sales. 4th day 12 sales. Wow ! great beginning


August 17, 2015

good luck!


August 17, 2015

Gook luck!