Got a present for my birthday, thank you!

Today is my birthday. I became a year older and wiser I hope. Although not much time it’s been since a new year has come, but a lot of good things had happened (bad things are taken into account). The most important thing is that I joined your community and feel pretty happy here. Despite all the rejections I had, now 4 my pictures are online and that is not all. Today I saw $0.02 on my account – that is for keywording other pictures! This is my first earnings. I adore the way DT proposes several ways of making money.

Thank you all!

And good luck in your beginnings!

Photo credits: Awizard.

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Happy Birthday to you and best wishes for many more sales!


thank you all!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to U :)


thank you! will take it into consideration next time!


sorry, just checked your PF, one quick suggestion, to get more sales, you should have a bigger image, above 10 MP atleast. Anything below is hard to sell.


an unforgetable feeling about the first download! just overloaded with emotions! thanx and good luck!


Happy birthday, how about a sale on your birthday???? How do you feel now.


Hey, Happy Birthday! Yeah, you're right - DT is a wonderful place to be parf of! Good luck with your sales!

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