Goverment shut down? Debt ceiling?

Another Government shutdown?

Debt Ceiling looming..

Healthcare is important for all of us.

Some of us are lucky to have insurance.

It is time to think about those who do not have it.

Hoping we can find a way to work together and get through these issues...

Photo credits: Oliver Perez.

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October 04, 2013


Good subject for best selling images.

October 02, 2013


Solidsdman, congrats on your sales. Sounds like images related to the Shutdown are in demand. Thanks for sharing ...

October 02, 2013


Unteroffizier, that is a great question and one that I asked myself.

I read in an article in NYMAG.COM by Kevin Roose it says, "Barclays economists predict a .12 percent loss in this quarter's real GDP numbers for every week the shutdown lasts. Market research firm IHS says the shutdown will take $300 million out of the economy every day."

7 Ways the Shutdown Affects the Economy

So the longer it lasts the more it impacts on us all in the long run.
How and when it would affect sales here remains to be seen.

Hoping a compromise can be reached ...

October 02, 2013


I had three healthcare images and an image of the US Capitol with storm clouds sell yesterday and one today.

October 02, 2013


Wonder will sales here be affected somehow?

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