GPS tracking apps for iOS to geotag your photos (ALL CAMERAS)

Hi guys,

I got bored to geotag my images manually so, I've decided to look for some options on my D750 (continue reading, the solution can be used on any camera!)

The official solution from my camera brand maker is an external hotshoe GPS which doesn't appeal to me since:

- it's big

- external cable will bother my camera grip

- is worth more than 200€

I've read also about some bluetooth devices (linked to an external gps) which could be plugged to my camera but, I didn't like the idea since they were quite expensive even more than the branded GPS.

I decided to look for some apps to download on my iPhone and reconcile the data in post production with Lightroom.

My must have was the syncronization with Dropbox to avoid using even more cables and an additional step in post-processing.

I gave it a go in one of my last trips to UK to check the accuracy and how they were working.

Initially I've downloaded GPX Master which was free and had the syncronization and nice configuration tools even if the interface was quite simple.

I've started the tracking at the hotel and a 2/3 hours later while logging correctly the data the app crashed and all history was lost. I've started it again and by the end of the day I didn't had any geoposition saved. The app let me down for the whole day.

In the evening I've looked for something else and I've found PixTrack (also free); I started the tracking in the morning while leaving the hotel and, kept my phone in the pocket.

The app tracked 10 hours of positioning without a glitch, it advises you with a notification if you're indoor and the positioning is not accurate and you can even set a reminder every X hours to remind you that the tracking is activated! Simply genius!

Once in Lightroom let the magic happens, with just 2 clicks all pics were linked to the correct position, it couldn't have been better, the tool also allows you to setup an offset in case you're on a different fuse and you forgot to change your camera time.

From now on all pics on Dreamstime will have exactly the right location!

I hope this will help you and have fun geotagging just remember to sync the hours on your camera and phone!

====== UPDATE 16/6/2016 ======

Yesterday I've received the Aokatec AK-G750 adaptor for my camera, it's extremely small and catch the signal in a few seconds. I didn't had time to use it on the field but i'll try to do so very soon.

I found it on the main auction site online for a few euros, it might be another solution to have directly GPS data embedded in the RAW file at the source.

Your article must be written in English

June 16, 2016


updated the article with test of external camera gps

May 29, 2016


Thanks .I will try when i have dslr Camera with GPS..Thanks...

May 28, 2016


Thank you for the good advice. I will give this app a try:)

May 26, 2016


Hi, thanks for share

May 25, 2016


Hi Philipmorch,
the two steps in LT are quite easy, you can find this on this link LIGHTROOM GEOTAG FROM GPX or with a google search. Unfortunately i cannot post screenshots in the comments.

May 25, 2016


Great tip!
Can you please describe the two clicks in Lightroom? Thanks :-)

May 20, 2016


I just won an acution on e-bay for the Aokatec AK-G750 for a few euros. I'll do a review once it'll arrive to compare to the app.

May 18, 2016


Actually it can be used on any camera, not only dslr but also an old compact camera. The only important thing to do is to reconcile it in Lightroom!

May 18, 2016


Whow! Many thanks for this tip Alberto!
I also use D750 and will test immediately :-)

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