graphic art

I like very much vector graphic tools such as inkscape!

All my graphics are based on sketches then I provide to transform raster drawings into SVG vector format. Using layer technique I can develop artwork like I want to have amazing effects.

If you are interesting about graphic and big potential drawing program inkscape visit!

Inkscape is opensourceSVG editor available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Catchphrase? draw freely.

Photo credits: Chiara Ganzer.

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October 08, 2007


I've been using inkscape for a year now and it is a great tool, easy to use. Glad to see someone else enjoys it as much as I do:) COOL!

October 08, 2007


Hi Carolyn,
Your photos are great as well!
thanks a lot to contact me about inkscape. You know, learning a new tool workings is complex- such as learning new words, new languages- so take your time. You can find useful the index page that is available via Help > Tutorials in Inkscape as well.
Well, I am thinking to write a short tutorial on blog if you want came back soon to read it!
I wish you good luck

October 07, 2007


I am very much interested in exploring vector graphic tools, but know very little about how to use them. Last night, I downloaded the free version of Inkscape through open source, but I was totally lost. I played around with it for a little while, but didn't know where to go with it. Where would one go to learn about how to use it? I really like your illustrations. You are very good.

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