About Graphic Tablets

I have a progress!

I started drawing my vector illustrations on a graphic tablet recently. I liked it!

This is much easier than to draw using a computer mouse.

Computer mouse to draw is not very convenient and accurate.

The first graphics tablet, which I tried - it's Genius, and today on my birthday gave WACOM! It is wonderful ^ _ ^

It remains for me to set up Illustrator to work with the tablet - and I can keep learning!

here are some of my illustrationsfrom my portfolio, drawn with a pen tablet:

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February 03, 2015


Thanks Alisen

February 03, 2015


I don't know something about Wacom but what you do is the best! Beautiful picture!

February 03, 2015


Steveacer, later I'll write about Wacom, so far I have not used yet :)

February 03, 2015


That is something I have often thought about getting, is there a model that you would recommend?

February 02, 2015


Beautiful drawings and congratulations for your wacom!I remained still to Genius , but are not very good at drawing !

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Photo credits: Alisen.