A Great City - Vancouver BC

Vancouver may be not as famous as London, or Paris, or New York, yet it is a real great city. It has everything that a big city can offer, such as big museums, stylish architecture, marvelous city parks, etc. In fact, it is the nicest new city I've ever visited. What I mean new city is that it doesn't have hundreds year old architecture or historic sites. Most buildings are even newer than the ones in New York. Since it is not as well known, it is not over crowded like New York or London. It is a big city but it still maintains the relaxed atmosphere of small cities. That makes it a great place to live.

When visiting Vancouver, you should not miss these places.

1. Beaty biodiversity museum: The largest blue whale skeleton in the world, maybe. Since it is in the University of British Columbia, you can also visit the beautiful campus.

Beaty biodiversity museum

2. Mcdonald's: I am just kidding!

Mcdonald's logo sign in Canada

3. Canada Palace: Great walk along the waterfront!

Canada Place

4. Queen Elizabeth Park: Where you can also enjoy the skyline of downtown Vancouver.

Secret garden

Downtown Vancouver

5. One more museum: Museum of Anthropology at UBC. The largest collection of native American sculptures.

Museum of Anthropology at UBC

Museum of Anthropology at UBC

6. One more garden: Japanese Garden. Don't be fooled by its small size. I've visited many Japanese gardens, this one was the smallest, but still grabbed a lot of my attentions.

Japanese garden with pond and trees

7. Maybe even more close to nature? Try walking across Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. It is FREE! If money is not an issue for you, then go to the more famous Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. For me, freebee is more comfortable.

Rainy day suspension bridge walk

8. Well, every one knows about Stanley Park. Sorry I don't have a good picture for it, even though I have more than 500 pictures of Vancouver.

Photo credits: Jackbluee.

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Vancouver has been my home for 2 years up until January, I had return to the UK as my work permit expired and I was unable to renew or apply for permanent residency in time. I'm hoping to be able to immigrate under the CEC program and go back for good sometime this year.
   Image not available or id is incorrect.      Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC   
   Person Walking by Sea at Sunset      Image not available or id is incorrect.   


Awesome city with Great people!
   Aerial view of Downtown   
   Aerial view of Downtown   


Been there 20 years ago. Wonderful city.


Very interesting article, thank you for publish it ...


I know the great city, there are some Chinese.


The city residents are easy going and very much into supporting local hockey team.


Great ode to one of the greatest cities! I'm always proud to say I'm from Vancouver...Go Canucks!

   Vancouver skyline   


Here is one of Stanley Park, taken from Canada Place area New airport at Coal Harbor Vancouver 

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