A Great Coincidence

I am relatively new here at Dreamstime, and I am certainly not going to make a living on it. However I enjoy taking pictures, and am learning from my failures.

The other day I was looking at my employer's external website, and noticed some really great pictures. When I saw the head of the communications department in our break room, I asked where the pictures had come from. She told me that they always get their business pictures from a site called Dreamstime, and they have an annual subscription so that they can always have access and purchase what they need.

Although my pictures do not fit that need, I let her know that I am a contributor here. I asked her why they choose to use Dreamstime, and she told me that this site always seems to have great agriculture-related pictures. Other stock sites only have a limited offering, or are not quality pictures for promoting the business.

It makes me feel really good to be working with a stock company that has what the customer needs, when they need it. I wanted to share this great coincidence with this great community.

Warehouse with shelves full of bulk product

Photo credits: Kamlang.
  • Kamlang

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October 02, 2014

Thanks for that, nice to know that they are happy with the images here.


October 02, 2014

Because i live in the country I also find it encouraging to hear. Thanks for the tip.
Hope you do well at it. est of luck.


October 01, 2014

That's encouraging to hear. Thanks for sharing!