A great image stitcher

Autostitch is the world's first fully automatic 2D image stitcher. Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input whatsoever, Autostitch is a breakthrough technology for panoramic photography, VR and visualization applications.

This is the first solution to stitch any panorama completely automatically, whether 1D (horizontal) or 2D (horizontal and vertical).

You can download for free a demo of Autostitch from this web site



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August 29, 2007


You are right!!!! If you know a better one, i will be very happy to find out about it..... Please let me Know!!!!

August 24, 2007


I used it and it's pretty good. However, I saw a difference when printing the result, meaning that the stitched picture was not as sharp as the comparator shot with a wide lens.

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