The Great Migration, Kenya

As my passion in photography is wildlife, the Masai Mara in Kenya was always a dream to go and shoot.

That dream became reality and I finally got an opportunity to photography the great migration! It's actually quite hard to describe the migration as I feel it is something that can only be experienced!

One thing I noticed in the Migration is the number of Zebra that follow the migration, its not only Wildebeest as most people think. Thousands of Zebra take part in the migration as well.

I highly recommend the Masai Mara in Kenya to any photographer!!


Photo credits: Kierran Allen.

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April 09, 2014


Wow, your images are amazing.

April 09, 2014


Great portfolio! I totally understand what you mean. I did some overlanding in Africa the past few years. It never gets boring at all! So fascinating. Masai Mara was one of my favorites as well. We didn't see the migration, but the herds of elephants were spectacular! Idd a place to recommend.

April 06, 2014


Beautiful, very beautiful. You got amazing shots and your portfolio like National geographic. Thanks for sharing.

April 05, 2014


You have captured some fantastic images of an amazing event. Congratulations and thank you for posting this!

April 05, 2014


Stunning images!!!

April 05, 2014


Nice blog and photos, congratulations!

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