Great tutorials for Inkscape users

Plenty of you will be advanced in Inkscape but some who are still learning, like myself, will hopefully find these tutorials helpful.

Be warned, most are videos so you need quite a lot of bandwidth. As my bandwidth has increased substantially for the next year I've been able to go through Video tutorials and have learned so much.

So I wanted to share what I had found.

Carolyn, the lady in the videos, is very thorough with her instructions. She discusses Interpolation, Lattice, Path Effect Editor to name a few features. I sat taking notes the entire time.

Here you are shown how to randomly place shapes to create a design and more. What was very important to me here is the tutorial on the Bowling Pin as it taught me about Snapping and its application in creating shapes.

One of my favourite sites. I was pretty clueless when it came to creating swirls but here it's explained very clearly.

Youtube tutorial that shows you how to use Tiled Clones.

Now, the links above are just a start, there are various ways to use the features and everyone has their own workflow. The tutorials might not show you how to do the most fantastic pieces of vector art but you first need the knowledge of the tools to create masterpieces.

Note: with Inkscape you can't use gradients or blurs for vector submissions but the point here is to learn how to use the tools.

Hope this helps :-D.

Photo credits: Albert Kiefer.

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Wonderful places for me to go to...Thanks for the information! I need to learn a lot of these!


hey everyone, thanks. Hope it will help in the same way it helped me. Am also looking at Photoshop tutorials so may post the links here when I'm done going through them :-D.


Thanks for sharing!


Nice blog, thanks for info!


Great blog!


Very useful good pattern!


i have been trying to figure out how to use inkscape (I am an UBER-beginner!!) and these will be great! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing...

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