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Jiankou Great Wall. which is well-known for its five characters of “steepness, compactness, queerness, wonderfulness, and comprehensiveness”, is located inGubeikou Town to the north-east of Miyun, Beijing. Jiankou Great wall is exquisite in its details and is grand as a whole, which is the only part of ancient Great Walls with the original features of Ming Dynasty well reserved.

Jiankou Great Wall came into being under the famous general QI Jiguang’s supervision and his original creation, during the Wanli period. It incorporates various characteristics of Ten-Thousand-Mile Great Wall and at the same time bears its unique features. Professor LUO Zhewen, the prestigious Great Wall expert,praised “Chinese Great Walls are the best all around the world, while Jiankou deserves the best among all Chinese Great Walls.” Up to now, Jiankou Great Wall has been listed by UNESCO into the World Cultural Heritages.

Jiankou Great Wall is separated into eastern and western parts by a valley, with a rainbow-like chain bridge over the valley. The hills in the west are sloping gently, with 20 watchtowers well remained. The jade kylin embossment on the General Tower is showing its originality and vividness. The Great Wall is winding on the hills like a golden dragon with majestic vigor. The eastern part of Great Wall, with 15 watchtowers densely covering the peaks thousand meters high, looks even more fantastic. On the marvelous Fairy Tower, there are white marble arches carved with lotuses, telling wonderful tales. The Heaven Bridge is following the Fairy Tower, which is shorter than 100 meters and narrower than 1

brick, and with cliffs along both sides. Those succeeding inpassing the Bridge will be awarded Wall Heroes. On the very peak, connected with the Heaven Bridge, is Capital-Watching Tower, titled the Upmost Cultural Peak of Beijing, with a height of 986 meters above sea level. Walk up and enter the Tower, we may enjoy the white snow of Wuling Mountain to the east, the grand Great Wall to the west, the romance to the north, and capital lamplight to the south. All the outstanding sights will make us feel relaxed and happy.

Deep in the valley, there’re two springs called Mandarin Duck Springs. The east one is cold, while the west is warm. The two springs join into one lake, half cold and the other half warm.Traveling with a small boat on the lake, scanning widely, we may find the mysterious charm of the Great Wall. Jiankou Great Wall is quite different with other parts of Great Wall in its fantastic sight seeing and precipitous topography, with interleaving fight walls and defense walls, sky bridge of all sizes, and the wording bricks with both Yinwen and Yangwen, etc.

All the features make Jiankou Great Wall, with its historic meanings, the famous scenic spot for traveling, exploration and inspection.

Photo credits: Nomad1314.

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April 24, 2008


Great Wall!!!!!!

April 24, 2008


Jiankou Great Wall.

Shoot the good place of the Great Wall!!!!!!

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